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A business starts with an idea. A seed of a proposition, based upon a need. Add an amount of persistence, tenacity, some knowledge, understanding, a few slices of common sense and a large helping of timing; we now have potential. Bringing this to market efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner is the challenge; enter Unique Business.

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Be unique with uniqueb

Ready to reach for the stars? Unique business is ready to help you.

Business Development

Understand your sales development strategy. Execute sales effectiveness. Gain customers. Increase revenue income

Proposal Writing

Effective sales collateral; Proposal writing, sales letters, emails, pre/post sales, call plans. Project quality, first time all the time.

Coaching and Mentoring

Develop your skills, understand your business and grow. Target your goals. Aspire to be better. Grow


Develop your ideas into tangible offerings. Understand your Value and benefit. Seek to deliver


It’s all about the messaging. The Pitch. The right time any place. Be seen, be heard. Be attractive and relevant. Gain interest


Prepare yourself for the challenge. Understand barriers to success. Ready yourself for aspirational achievement. Grow

Be unique with unique b.

Unique Business has a finger on the pulse, an eye on market developments and a foot in the door. Never before has the potential to achieve your business aspirations been so abundantly realistic. Understanding how to get there isn’t a science but more of a skill, which can be learned. Skills aren’t a prohibitor to your successes but sometimes a barrier, to be overcome.

Modern business landscapes change at an accelerated pace. In whichever arena you choose to shine, take your ideas and embrace your vision. Make it happened, now.


Research your market, understand your Value proposition, identify opportunities.


Define your selling messages, present your features and benefits, collate sales collateral.


Identify channels, understand tools and implement strategy.

Uniqueb. Be informed

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I launched my business in November 2014 and I was finding it extremely difficult to reach my target market. I spent days and weeks sending emails, writing letters and making phone calls trying to contact prospective clients and generate business but I wasn’t making progress. I contacted Peter at Unique Business and I am now working with him to progress our Business. In less than one week he has turned things around for us. Peter is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, I find him an inspiration and I completely believe in his service, uniqueb is what every single entrepreneur and new business can benefit from. Peter completely understands product and market and he can get a business from where it is to where it needs to be.

B Boon – CEO

Fitness 2 Practice Ltd

I’d describe Pete’s approach as empathetic and candid: two things that were invaluable to me throughout his work with us. Through understanding my challenges having lived a number of them himself, I was able to trust his advice and see its value from the outset. Cutting through the confusion and plotting a strategy to help us succeed was Pete’s biggest addition to our business, and is something that still resonates with us today.

T Bates – MD

Sound in Theory Ltd




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